Are Bearded Dragons Friendly? (You Have to See This)

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Are Bearded Dragons Friendly?

Bearded dragons are friendly, they may be from the wild, but they are one of the most social reptiles. They are easy to tame and enjoy the company of their owners when they get used to them. Arm waving is a high-quality behavior of a bearded dragon, and it’s perfectly natural and might suggest that your beardie is submissive, calm, and satisfied.

It’s truly a unique sight to observe a lizard show its submissiveness to you with a friendly wave. They lift one of their front legs and move it in a circular movement.

Bearded dragons may not be warm towards other male beardies if they feel their space is being encroached into. Unsubmissive female bearded dragons, too, can be attacked by a male one.

Kids, too, are not left out from experiencing the charm of a beardie. They are friendly with kids. Kids must be taught how to handle a bearded dragon so that the beardie won’t misunderstand their actions.

Are Bearded Dragons Friendly

Are bearded dragons affectionate?

Don’t let it surprise you that bearded dragons show affection. Yes, you read right! They are calm to receive and give affection. They develop a great attachment to the family and even other pets and are one of the few reptiles capable of displaying affection.

Immediately bearded dragons connect their meal to a person that serves it; they, in turn, begin to warm towards that person. It’s not unusual to see the beardie moving towards the feeding area, expecting to be fed.

Feeding is always a foolproof method of winning pets’ affection. Bearded dragons show a willingness to be held, and you’ll notice this when they willingly try to get into your hands when you stretch it to pick them.

If you spend ample time with your beardie to pet them, allow them to walk over you unhindered, and give them treats they love, they will show you affection.

How do bearded dragons show affection?

One of the ways beardies show affection is by moving towards the person they like when they see them; most times, it’s the person that feeds them. Bearded dragon also shows their affection when they remain calm after being picked up. If they don’t like you, they may not remain relaxed in your hands after picking them, and you may wish to put them back down.

They show their affection as well when they stay still as you cuddle them. The beardie is not in any rush to leave you. By staying still is an indicator that they like you. They show affection by dilated pupils, closed smiling mouths, and general submissiveness without any signs of fear.

Are bearded dragons cuddly?

Bearded dragons are cuddly and enjoy being held. It’s the same way you pick your cat and cat to cuddle that you can also gently pick your beardie to cuddle it. One of the ways they’ll show they enjoy a person’s persona is by going up to that person affectionately and relaxing on their lap.

They don’t have the type of fascial grin or muscle to show their owners that they enjoy cuddling. But when some bearded dragons are being coddled or gently scratched on the ear, they show signs of enjoying that moment. While the adult bearded dragons are the expressive ones, younger ones might be very reserved.

How can I know if my bearded dragon is happy?

Determining if a bearded dragon is happy is usually a concern for beginner beardie owners. Don’t be overly confused by the calm nature of bearded dragons. They also have their emotions, and there are ways to know if they are happy. Some signs to know that your beardie is happy are:

  • If your beardie maintains a particular position as you approach it.
  • They allow you to hold them for a long time, all the while just laying on you. It shows the beardie is comfortable and happy with you.
  • When you hold them, they willingly go up on your shoulders.
  • They allow you to pick them up.
  • They usually eat, move around normally, poop, and sleep normally.
  • They are alert and look healthy. 
  • Arm waving. They communicate with you and acknowledge your presence with the arm-waving. 
  • They show no signs of aggressiveness.
  • They scratch the glass of their terrarium so you can let them out to be with you when they know you’re around.
  • They change from a dull color to a brighter and lighter one.
  • They close their eyes in a gentle way when you pet them.

What does it mean when your bearded dragon licks you?

A bearded dragon is a beautiful pet with unique and exciting behaviors, and licking is one. It is a notable character of beardies often discussed among beardie owners. Bearded dragons like to know about their environment, and one of the ways they achieve that is by tongue licking.

If you’re a beginner beardie owner, get used to being licked by your beardie often, that’s one of its ways of knowing and getting used to you. In the first few weeks, it will be curious to know who you are. The licking helps them know if you are a dominant member of the family you belong to and separate you from other family members.

They are new members of your family, so they will, through licking behavior, try to determine their place in the social hierarchy.

Can bearded dragons feel when you pet them?

Bearded dragons can feel when you pet them; they are great reptiles, and they display feelings of comfort, pleasure, and curiosity when rubbed.

The ways you pet them is very crucial to how they’ll, in turn, react to you; that’s why you must get it right. They know nothing about petting, but the tame ones do respond to the right feel. Though some bearded dragons dislike petting, with patience, after some time, they’ll allow you to pet them.

There are ways and certain places where bearded dragons respond when petted. Those ways are:

  • When you use the index finger or two fingers to gently stroke their head and sides of their face
  • When you gently rub between their eyes
  • When you scratch their beards.
  • Petting them below the chin and calmly rubbing the spikes behind their eyes.

Bearded dragons display feelings of comfort, pleasure, and curiosity when petted. It is a great idea also to have a treat with you to reward your beardie for good behavior for the period you had rubbed it. 

Do bearded dragons like to be pet under the chin?

Yes, bearded dragons like to be petted under the chin. Start by slowly stroking the beardie’s sides of the face and its head with slow, gentle pressure in the direction the scales go up. Then carefully move your way to the chin area. If you notice the beardie is showing signs of not enjoying that area, then go back to stroking the sides of its face.

Why does my bearded dragon closes one eye when I pet him?

When bearded dragons feel distressed and discomfort while you pet them, they close one eye. It shows that though they are submissive to you but don’t want to be pet at that time. When this happens, just let them be. It’s not that they don’t like you; it’s just a way of them saying they want to be by themselves for a while.

Bearded dragons close one eye for some other reason too. Sometimes they close one eye to maintain focus on objects. It’s the same way you direct your camera to a particular point or thing before pressing the snap button to capture the object, but when your beardie closes one eye while you pet them, release them or put them back into their tank.

Do beardies Like Head Rubs?

Beardies like head rubs; while doing that, you’ll observe that they’re calm, and it means they’re happy. You don’t want to hurt them while rubbing the head, so gently and slowly rub the U-shaped curvature of their head in the direction of their scales.

Do bearded dragons like to be held?

Let’s be fair here; you’re not always in high spirits or a good mood. It’s the same with a bearded dragon too. There will be times it won’t want to be held, but it does want to be held when you have bonded well with and understood it well.

Beardies like to be held close to the chest; they feel safe and secure in that particular type of position. Beardies don’t want to be held for too long. Some will be okay when held for about 30 – 45 minutes, while some could be held for as long as 1 – 2 hours.

There are signs to look out for when you plan to hold a beardie so it won’t misunderstand your pure, honest gesture for some other action:

  • Bearded dragons don’t want to be held when they are eating or hunting, 
  • Pick the bearded dragon when it appears to be calm and relaxed, 
  • If a beardie fluffs its head, don’t pick it. 
  • If a bearded dragon flattens its body way more than the usual and twitches its tail, don’t try to pick it, it doesn’t want to be held at that time.
  • Never attempt to hold a bearded dragon that is hissing or has their mouth open aggressively; at that time, it needs its space.
  • If you’ve got more than two beardies and notice them facing each other, bobbing their heads at one another, it’s a face-off, don’t think of holding either of them at that time.

It is good to handle them often. If you always pick beardies the right way, calmly, and you don’t cause them any stress when you do, they’ll be more affectionate to you.

Are Bearded Dragons Friendly

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions:

Do bearded dragons get attached to their owners?

Yes, Bearded Dragons can get attached to their owners to the point where they will see you enter the room and be excited for you to pick them up. It is also very possible for them to recognize their owners and know them apart from strangers or guests to your home and they will often times respond differently to those strangers.

I have had Bearded Dragons before that would not want to go back into their enclosures after being held for a few minutes. A healthy relationship between you and your beardie will be built upon them trusting you and being comfortable around you.

In Conclusion

If you have been searching for the ultimate friendly pet to add to your family or classroom, then a bearded dragon is a great option. They are friendly, loving, and affectionate and will keep you entertained through fun expressions and body language.