How Often Do Ball Pythons Bite? (Lets Sink Our Teeth Into This)

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How often do ball pythons bite? Ball pythons are generally very docile pet snakes and you can go an entire lifetime without getting bit by one if you follow some basic guidelines. Ball pythons are no different from any other non-venomous snake in that they have teeth and will bite to defend themselves, however, the only reason that they would bite is to defend themselves.

When it comes to keeping pet ball pythons or any other snake, one of the first questions that people ask is, have you ever been bit or how often do ball pythons bite. The real answer is that it just depends on how you take your ball python out of its enclosure, and how well you handle and respect your snake.

In this blog post, you will learn more about how often ball pythons bite and what you can do to avoid getting bit by your pet ball python.

Are Ball Pythons Aggressive?

Ball pythons are not naturally aggressive snakes. In the wild, they are shy and reclusive, preferring to hide from predators rather than fight.

However, captive-bred ball pythons can be a different story. While they are still generally shy around humans, they may become aggressive if they feel threatened or are not properly handled.

If you are considering getting a ball python, it is important to do your research and make sure you are prepared to provide the snake with a good home.

With proper care and handling, ball pythons can make great pets for experienced snake owners.

Ball pythons are a popular choice for pet snakes, due in part to their relatively small size and docile nature.

However, some potential owners may be concerned about whether these snakes are aggressive.

In general, ball pythons are not aggressive animals and are more likely to flee than to fight when they feel threatened.

However, they are still wild animals, and there is always a potential for bites if they are feeling stressed or threatened.

As a result, it is important to handle ball pythons with care and to provide them with a safe and comfortable environment.

With proper care, ball pythons can make great pets for snake enthusiasts of all levels of experience.

How often do ball pythons bite

How Likely Is A Ball Python To Bite?

It is very unlikely that a ball python will bite under normal circumstances. Ball pythons are docile snakes who tend to be more defensive and who will coil into a ball when threatened rather than biting someone.

So, as long as you practice good husbandry, handle your ball python properly, and respect that even though it is your pet that it is still a wild animal with instincts – you will be ok.

How Often Do Ball Pythons Bite?

As any experienced reptile owner will tell you, snake bites are always a possibility – no matter how docile or harmless the species may be.

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And while most snakes will only bite humans in self-defense, some may strike out of curiosity or aggression. So, how often do ball pythons bite?

In general, ball pythons are not aggressive snakes and bites are relatively rare. However, there are a few things that can trigger a ball python to bite, such as feeling threatened or being mishandled.

That said, even the calmest and most well-behaved ball python may occasionally strike out – usually when they’re first being introduced to their new home.

Once they’ve settled in and become accustomed to their surroundings, and routine, it is rare for them to bite again.

Do Ball Pythons Like To Be Held?

That’s a difficult question to answer, as every snake is different and has its own preferences.

However, in general, ball pythons are not particularly fond of being held. They are shy, reclusive snakes that prefer to hide away in their burrows.

They also don’t like being disturbed, so handling them can be quite stressful for them.

That said, there are some individual ball pythons that enjoy being held and will even wrap themselves around their owners’ arms.

If you’re thinking of getting a ball python, it’s best to do your research and find one that has been bred in captivity and is used to being handled.

Can I Handle My Ball Python Every Day?

Yes and no. While it is true that you can handle your ball python every day, it is important to exercise caution and avoid handling them too much.

Ball pythons are generally docile snakes, but they can become stressed if they are handled too frequently.

Additionally, your hands may contain oils and other chemicals that can be harmful to your snake’s delicate skin.

For these reasons, it is best to limit handling to once or twice a week and to wash your hands thoroughly before and after each session.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your ball python remains healthy and happy.

How Do You Pick Up A Ball Python?

The best way to pick up a ball python is to gently scoop them up with both hands, supporting its entire body.

You’ll want to make sure that your hands are clean and dry before picking up your python, as they can be sensitive to chemicals and moisture.

It’s also important to support the snake’s weight evenly so that they don’t feel like they’re going to fall.

Ball pythons aren’t known for being aggressive, but it’s still a good idea to approach them slowly and let them get used to your presence before picking them up.

Once you have a firm grip on the snake, you can slowly lift them up and support their body as you carry them to their new home.

Do Ball Pythons Have Teeth? How many teeth Do they have?

Yes, ball pythons do have teeth. They have approximately 150 rear-facing or curved teeth that are 1 centimeter long. These teeth are used to hold onto prey so that they can coil their strong bodies around their prey.

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Does A Ball Python Bite Hurt?

No, a ball python bite doesn’t really hurt. They do have teeth and if they bite you, it will likely break the skin, and possibly bleed but overall, the bite is

Generally speaking, however, getting bitten by a ball python is not particularly painful.

The snake’s teeth are relatively small, and they are not designed to penetrate human skin.

That said, some people do report feeling a sharp prick when they are bitten. In most cases, however, the feeling is more annoying than anything else.

So if you’re thinking about getting a ball python, don’t let the fear of getting bitten deter you, chances are it won’t hurt nearly as much as you think it will.

Why Do Ball Pythons Latch On When They Bite?

This behavior can be disturbing or even painful for the snake’s owner, but there are actually a few reasons why ball pythons latch on when they bite.

First of all, ball pythons are constrictors, so latching on helps them to coil around their prey and squeeze it tighter.

Secondly, ball pythons have sharp teeth that point backward, so latching on allows them to get a good grip and puncture their prey’s skin.

Lastly, latching on helps to immobilize the prey so that the snake can eat it without fear of being bitten back.

What Does A Ball Python Bite Feel Like?

A ball python bite feels like being pricked with a tiny needle that you barely feel. Ball pythons have sharp teeth but not overly powerful jaws so their bites are not very painful.

What Should I Do If My Ball Python Bites Me?

If a ball python does bite, it is not dangerous to humans and will usually let go on its own. However, it is important to wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water to prevent infection.

Why Did My Ball Python Strike At Me?

It really depends on the circumstances as to why your ball python might have struck at you.

You have to remember that striking is a normal response in certain situations like feeding or when a snake feels threatened.

If your ball python struck at you during normal feeding time then you really shouldn’t worry about it.

Ball pythons like any other animal can also feel threatened or even be surprised at times. During these times it is more likely that a ball python would strike at you.

Why Did My Ball Python Bite Me? & How to Prevent Future Bites

There are a few reasons why your ball python might have decided to strike or even bite you. One possibility is that your ball python is feeling threatened.

If you reached into its cage suddenly or made sudden movements, your ball python may have felt like it was in danger and decided to strike in self-defense.

It is best to have a routine in everything you do with your pet ball python. For example, if you want to hold it, make sure to do the same thing every single time.

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For example, I like to open each enclosure and gently rub my ball pythons along their back to let them know that it is me. I will then gently pick them up.

I broke this routine just one time with an incredible female ball python that I had that was a little over 5 feet long. I would normally, open her enclosure, rub along her back to let her know, and then pick up her.

One day I opened the door and grabbed her, she bit me on the forearm but once she realized it was me, she let go.

The moral of this story is to develop a routine and stick to it.

Next, it is important to refrain from wanting to hold them on their feeding day and close to their feeding time.

They know when it is time to eat and if they expect to have a plump rat put into their enclosure, they will be ready for it.

It is also important to wash your hands thoroughly before handling your ball python because they can smell what is on your hands and if you just finished feeding another snake

Finally, it is important to make sure that you are handling your ball python correctly.

Ball pythons should only be handled with clean hands, and they should be supported by the entirety of their body at all times.

If you are handling your ball python correctly and it still bites you, it may be because it is feeling stressed.

how often do ball pythons bite

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most asked questions:

How Big Are Ball Pythons?

Ball pythons start out at about 10-12 inches when they are hatched and grow to approximately 3-4 feet long for the males and up to 5 feet for the females.

The length and weight are dependent on the overall care that the ball python has received. You should keep a detailed feeding chart of what your snake ate, when, and before weight to know how your python is growing.

I recommended using a digital scale like this one from Amazon to weigh your ball pythons.

Here is a look at roughly what a healthy ball python should weigh at a particular age:

AgeMale WeightFemale Weight
1 month70.8-85.0g79.3-104.8g
6 months274.9-359.7g299.9-359.7g
9 months399.7-449.9g449.9-453.5g
12 months498.9-798.3g635.0-798.3g
18 months598.7-898.1g997.9-1397.0g
24 months898.3-1088.6g1397.0-1796.2
These are approximate weights that will depend on the feeding schedule and the overall health of the ball python displayed in grams. Grams are the industry standard for weight.

How Often Do Ball Pythons Eat? 

It depends on the age of the ball python. Babies and young ball pythons will need to be fed once or twice a week as less as they get older.

When they reach adulthood, you should feed your ball pythons the appropriately sized rat once every couple of weeks.

In Conclusion

Ball pythons are relatively docile snakes that rarely bite. However, there are a few things that can trigger a ball python to bite, such as feeling threatened or being mishandled.

If you’re thinking of getting a ball python, it’s best to do your research and find one that has been taken care of properly. A well-cared-for ball python is less likely to bite.

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