Do Bearded Dragons Bite? Do they Bite Hard?

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Do Bearded Dragons Bite? Yes, Bearded Dragons do bite under certain circumstances such as hunger, feeling threatened, and sometimes just by mistake. A Bearded Dragon’s bite is something you won’t see very often as they are friendly and affectionate lizards that just about anyone can keep. On the off chance that you are bit by your Bearded Dragon

If you’re a bearded dragon owner, then you may be wondering if your pet will bite at some point. In this post, we’ll take a look at the reasons why bearded dragons may bite, and what you can do to prevent it. We’ll also provide some tips on how to properly handle a bearded dragon if it does happen to bite you. Thanks for reading!

Why Do Bearded Dragons Bite?

Bearded Dragons bite for a few different reasons but the most common are feeling threatened and they bite to defend themselves, they sometimes will bite when startled, and then sometimes they will mistake their keeper’s fingers for food and will bite out of instinct.

If they somehow mistake your finger for food and bite you, it is actually a pretty simple fix for the next time. You can choose to feed them in a bowl. There are bowls available that are for feeding worms as the sides are slick which will prevent the worms from crawling out of the bowl. The other way to prevent this is to feed them using a pair of feeding tongs.

Do Bearded Dragons Bite a Lot?

No, bearded dragons don’t bite a lot. It mainly depends on the nature of the bite. There is a difference in pain between an intentional bite when they are upset or an accidental small bite. At the end of the day, there is nothing to be really scared of. It is actually pretty rare to be bitten by your Bearded Dragon.

Does A Bearded Dragons Bite Hurt?

No, a bearded dragon’s bite doesn’t hurt. A bite from a juvenile or baby dragon won’t hurt at all because their jaws are not powerful enough to cause pain. Although they have sharp teeth but don’t have enough strength to bite, they cannot even break the skin. A bite of an adult bearded dragon is different as they are stronger and have full biting power so their bite may break the skin a little or cause you to feel pain or discomfort.

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Bearded dragons are a famous choice for beginner reptile owners because of their unique looks and calm temperament. The question about the bite of bearded dragons gets so much attention because of the fierce looks.

How Bad Does A Bearded Dragon Bite Hurt?

People don’t understand the teeth growth and situation of these reptiles until they own bearded dragons. A lot of owners aren’t sure if the bite of bearded dragons hurt. The answer is conditional even in the worst case it isn’t really painful. Even if a dragon with tiny sharp teeth will bite you will just feel like a small pinch.

The bite of your bearded dragon can tell you about the growth of their teeth. Young dragons can’t bite as hard as adult ones. It is a pleasant thing as you can bring baby bearded dragons home as they are less likely to bite you.

Are Bearded Dragons Bites Dangerous?

It seems that many people think that bearded dragons are poisonous creatures. But it is just a bite. When a bearded bites a small spot appears. It is smart to clear the spot of bite to avoid any infection, bacteria, or getting into risk. When a new owner gets bitten by a bearded dragon he instantly pulls his hand away because usually, they are not expecting it.

Do Bearded Dragons Bite

Do Bearded Dragons Bite Humans?

Yes, Bearded Dragons do bite humans. However, they won’t bite unless they are provoked or feel threatened. While bearded dragons can bite they bite only if they feel danger and try to protect themselves. Their bite is not something to worry about for humans. It will shock you more than anything that the Bearded Dragon bit you.

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Just watch this clip of the late Steve Irwin’s encounter with a wild Bearded Dragon.

Even though Steve Irwin knew about Bearded Dragons and knew that they could bite, he didn’t expect it because even in the wild, it isn’t something that happens a lot to humans.

Do Bearded Dragons Bite Their Owners?

Yes, Bearded Dragons can bite their owners but they usually don’t. This is not something that happens often because Bearded Dragons are docile and friendly lizards who are very affectionate with their owners under normal circumstances. Bearded Dragons can still bite when they feel threatened or when they are surprised so it is important to have a routine with your bearded dragon to help the dragon feel comfortable at all times.

It is also possible at times during feeding that a Bearded Dragon can accidentally mistake the owner’s finger for food if you are hand feeding them. I like to always use feeding forceps or tongs to feed my dragons to avoid this.

Can Bearded Dragon Bite Your Finger Off?

There are chances that they can bite your finger when you feed them or make them uncomfortable or scared. Biting is not a habit of bearded dragons. If they bite your hand and don’t let it go you can simply open their mouth by using another hand to free your finger. It is advised that you should not react in an extreme way if a bearded dragon bites you. In doing so there is a chance that they may fall on the floor. This can cause a serious injury to your dragon.

Do Bearded Dragons Bite Each Other?

The short answer is yes, bearded dragons do bite each other. But this is not something that happens occasionally. If bearded dragons bite each other it shows that there is something wrong. Bearded dragons have dominant nature from day one of their birth and are solitary species. Bearded dragons who have been housed together go for toes and tail when aggressive.

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How to Prevent A Bearded Dragon Bite:

  1. A quick way to prevent the bite from happening is:
  2. Come from the back or side and pick them up properly.
  3. Wash your hands before handling bearded dragons.
  4. Feed your dragon daily.
  5. Be kind to them and try not to stress them.
  6. Following the above-mentioned instructions, you can get to know your dragon.

What Happens If A Bearded Dragon Bites You?

If you have taken the necessary steps to prevent your bearded dragon from biting you, you shouldn’t have to worry about your dragon biting you. However, if a bearded dragon bites you the first step is to keep quiet. Silently put your dragon aside and use an antiseptic cream to avoid infection. It won’t cause any serious pain to you. You will just feel like a brief sting.

Should I Be Worried If A Bearded Dragon Bites Me?

No, there is really no reason for you to be worried because bearded dragons are not poisonous and their bite barely hurts. The only important thing is that you should keep calm. Children should not be allowed to hold a bearded dragon where a long fall is possible as they can injure themselves.

How To Treat a Bearded Dragon Bite:

It is easy to handle a bearded dragon bite. Regular first aid should be used. Make sure that you clean your wound with water or soap. You can use antibacterial such as Neosporin or antiseptic like betadine on your wound. The wound won’t be too serious or deep. You will have to care that wound does not get affected by the application of cream or cleaning regularly.

Bearded dragons are friendly animals. They are not hostile. If they lick you continuously it means they are showing affection towards you.

In Conclusion

Bearded Dragons are docile reptiles that will bite only if threatened. They typically have a very mild temperament and they enjoy being handled by humans. In addition, their dietary needs can be met with crickets or mealworms so handling them doesn’t require much effort on your part!

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